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Nathan N.

The agent was great - very helpful and great responses to our questions.

Robert H.

They were polite, asked all the right questions, set me up with a well respected and knowledgeable realtor that went to work right away and started sending me different listings in the areas that I was interested in. Please keep up the hard services you provide. Thank you.

Michael M.

Called me back very quickly and were just as nice as they could be.

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Service is great. My request are being met. And I can feel the sincerity of really wanting to help me find a good home.

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Robert E.

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Your service has been very helpful.

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Called me immediately asked me pertinent questions and said a list will be emailed to me.

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We heard from the agent within 10 minutes very efficient service.

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The agent has been extremely helpful, having supplied me on a continuing basis, with potential properties to purchase.

Deb C.

You guys are the best thank you.

Mario D.

Immediately and very polite. Information was made available within a day.

Cindy C.

Great and very fast. Probably with 10 minutes or so. Definitely would recommend.

Lynda C.

I was contacted by an agent almost immediately who provided a good variety of listings after asking about what we were interested in. Since then she has followed up almost daily with new listings.

Nancy A.

I was notified immediately and within the hour had a realtor who has already sent me plenty of listings. I would highly recommend your service.

Michael R.

I really liked the way they explained the different type of propertys to me. I am new to this an when I get ready to buy I will call her.

Tonia V.

She was very easy to talk to listened to my request and responded to my request very quickly.

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The agent contacted me within three days and set up an email where I have been receiving all new homes listed in this area. Very customer friendly and patent with me. Thank you.

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Prompt friendly agent would recommend to friends and family!

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The Agent was very helpful and polite.

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From the initial inquiry I made til the time the document was delivered to me was handled very fast, courteous and professionally by your team. I appreciated it very much and would highly recommend your company to others.

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25. I got an almost immediate phone call advising that an agent would be in touch - which also occurred almost immediately. Excellent service.

Anita C.

The agent was very prompt at responding and sending me a list of interesting properties.

Don R.

She was very fast to responding to me. I give her 10.

Kim D.

The agent sent me both an email and voice mail immediately. After hearing what I was looking for, she sent me listings for 3 properties. I look forward to working with her!

Mary M.

Very prompt and polite most of all very professional.

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The agent was great and we received a call very quickly and was offered assistance. She had a great business personally I look forward to working with her.

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I would recommend this to just about any one. From 1 to 10. I would give it a 10. Because I believe it is that good.

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Sent me the information I requested immediately.

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Friendly and helpful.

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The agent was great. She sent me pictures just like she said she would.

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Rapid response time. Good at finding what I am interested in.

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Very quick response she picked out 3 very good homes that meets my expectations.

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Very fast response, complete info package and follow up.

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The agent was polite and efficient. I recieved my list on the day he said I would have it.

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Best place to look for a home.

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Very nice response work. It couldn't have been any better. Very knowledgeable.

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Prompt and very courteous agent was a pleasure to work with.

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The agent was professional, described clearly the steps to follow and was very polite.

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Very helpful and Johnny on the spot took care of me really fast.

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The agent was very good and fast sending picture right away. Very happy.

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The agent has been extremely attentive and is conscientiously working to try to find us properties to acquire. We know how difficult it is to find the diamond in the rough!

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Your agent contacted me promptly and got me connected with who I needed to speak with. I learned exactly what I needed to know. The whole process was easy and educational. I really want to thank you folks for all your efforts on my part.

Isaac R.

Responded almost instantly, very respectfully quick. Did a great job. Thank you.

Emerson L.

Very friendly and eager to help and provide resources.

Donald F.

The agent called me right away, we had a conversation about what it is we are looking for she has already sent us some listing to look at. Thank you for getting her in touch with us so quickly.

Val W.

The agent is very attentive to the specifics of homes I'm searching for. I've gotten a lot of listings that fit my criteria.

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An agent got back to me very fast.

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He is doing an excellent job and has done everything that I asked for.

David C.

Very understanding, trying to help me find what I was looking for in a price range that would be affordable for me.

Sue H.

The agent was very quick to respond. He was very helpful and professional.

Virginia G.

The agent whom responded to my requests gave a very professional approach towards me with my interests in mind. The agent was most respectful of my personal situation and gave me complete confidence in the assurance of trust and care of my needs. She has given me hope to be able to purchase a home, if not now, but in the future. I am so pleased to know of people of her caliber, that do show care and passion of people and their dreams of their own home and security. Thank you so much for your service and patience.

Shawn L.

I heard from agent within 24 hours and received a list of available homes as well.

Myra K.

He was very professional asking me what do I need and looking for.

James M.

Answered questions and followed through with requests.

David D.

Recently my wife and I enrolled in a course on flipping real estate and buying foreclosures. The key to the program was finding properties that met the criteria. I happened upon your program and the very next day I was contacted by the agent, a very profession realtor quite knowledgeable in foreclosures but in a very restrictive market. Now we are making our first offer three days later. We think this will be the beginning of a very mutually beneficial relationship. Thank you!

Bruce H.

Agent called immediately after I posted contact information on website. Very friendly, courteous, and professional. Put my mind at ease about going on this new journey of buying a home.

Chelsea G.

He answered my questions and took care of my wishes thank you.

Anne J.

Very pleased...agent was very polite and efficient. Follow up was quick!

Ed P.

The agent responded very quickly to my request and cover all my areas of interest. She was very very professional and friendly at the same time which I really appreciated. I would recommend her services to anyone who is need of a caring and knowledgeable realtor who cares about you and your and your family.

Vanessa R.